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PAWN SHOPS, JEWELERS AND GOLD BUYERS!!! Ship to S & S or request that we travel to you! We are the top paying buyer of Diamonds of all size and shapes!


We at S & S, take pride in giving you the best price for your diamonds or diamond jewelry. We will give you as much insight as possible before even seeing your precious treasures. Melee prices are rising. Now is the time to sell your break out and melee diamond lots. We will clean your stones, frost your czs and make you a strong offer. .18's - .75's are strong and in demand, as are larger diamonds with better proportions and symmetry.


After verifying exact carat weight, will assess your diamond(s) for color, clarity and cut.


The cut of your diamond is not only the shape, but the proportions. This is one of the most important pieces to establishing value. We will take the time to carefully measure and evaluate this critical detail to ensure that you are receiving the most for your diamond. There are often times when we can re-cut a stone to enhance the look and value. If the stone is more desirable, then it is a diamond with greater demand in the retail market, which will increase our offer to you.


We will make an offer based on a fair market price and, with your approval, send either an overnight check or wire transfer to your bank. If you decide not to sell your diamond, we will simply ship it back at no cost with insurance.




The 4 c's plus todays jewelry trends ultimately determine value.

Free Shipping

Please call or email and we will send you a free, insured shipping label.

Diamond Market Pricing

Increase in Round Brilliant Diamonds with better makes.

Strong US Demand in SI diamonds.

Larger whiter fancy shapes with good proportions are increasing.




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